How to Rock the Baby

Rock the baby is a traditional yoyo trick, and a really fun one to do once you’ve mastered the sleeper. It’s a popular trick, so it’s inevitable that whenever you are around people, someone will ask you to do this trick. You could do a difficult trick like The Matrix, and someone still would say “cool man, can you rock the baby?” So, it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

Here’s how you do it: First, throw a sleeper. Then grab the string with your free hand. Next, use your yoyo fingering hand and grab the string about five inches above the yoyo. This will make an upside down triangle shape.

Flip that triangle right side up, and use your free hand to push the triangle out, creating the base. Swing the yoyo back and forth between the triangle a few times. Then when you’re done, release back into a sleeper and wake the yoyo up.

If you need practice, the nice thing about this trick is that you can practice making the triangle shape with a dead yoyo. You can do that first and then once you get used to the motion, practice it with a sleeping yoyo.

This is a great trick to learn. We’ll show you how to make the triangle step by step in this video as well.

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