Yoyo Trick: How to Throw a Pinwheel

A pinwheel is kind of like a hybrid between a breakaway and a trapeze. To throw a pinwheel, you want to start off by throwing a breakaway.

After you’ve done this, stick your finger out as if you were throwing a trapeze. However, instead of catching the yoyo on the string, you are going to let the yoyo swing around the string 3 times in a circular fashion by using your index finger and the string.

After the yoyo has completed its rotations, simply bring it back to the palm of your hand.

This video shows you how to do just that and gets up close on the finger movement so there’s no confusion.

You can do a pinwheel in front of you instead of a sideways one like we demonstrate here, but be careful…it’s an easy way to whack yourself in the head. The sideways pinwheel will eliminate this risk.

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