How to do the Gravity Pull Yoyo Trick

The most basic trick of a yoyo is the gravity pull. This is the trick you think of when you think of a yo-yo. You throw the yoyo down, and then it pops right back up into your hand. This video demonstrates how to throw it, and we’ll also take you step by step through it here.

Throwing the gravity pull is a simple yoyo trick. First, make sure the slip knot is put securely around your middle finger. You want the yoyo to sit in the middle of your hand.

Next, throw the yoyo so it rolls right off of your hand.

Once the yoyo has reached the end of the string, flip your hand over and give a little pull on the string upward.

This will return the yoyo back to your hand.

Once you’ve completed this, you’ve mastered your first yoyo trick, the gravity pull. Now it’s on to more and more tricks from here!

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