Yoyo Trick: How to Throw a Brain Twister

The Brain twister is a cool looking yoyo trick. In addition to looking cool, it’s actually fairly easy.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is throw a real fast sleeper. Then you’re going to take your index finger from your free hand and push it forward into the string.

After you’ve done this, bring your yoyo hand down, and then thread the string into the notch of the yoyo that’s facing you. This will create a double string.

Take the double string and pull it toward you and upward as well. Use your yoyo finger to do this. Take your other hand and push it forward and down. This will result in an upward motion for the yoyo, and then it will quickly swing away from you.

After you’ve done this, take your yoyo finger hand toward you, while simultaneously pushing your other index finger out in front of you. Because of this, the spinning direction of the yoyo will reverse, and it will propel itself over your index finger.

Release and then wake it back up.

This yoyo trick actually sounds a lot more difficult than it looks. Once you see it for yourself in the video, you’ll have no problem getting it down with the quickness. So watch and enjoy. Once you master the flip once, see if you can do it two, three, or even four times. This will always go over well when showing someone a brain twister.

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