How to Throw a Forward Pass Yoyo Trick

The forward pass is a great beginner trick to learn, because the basic motion of a forward pass leads to many other looping style tricks, such as an around the world.

A good way to think of a forward pass is a variation on the gravity pull, only you are throwing the yoyo out in front of you and using your wrist as well.

To throw a forward pass, you are basically throwing the yoyo out and letting it come back to you. Throw it out in front of you with your palm facing the ground. As the yoyo extends, flip your hand over to where the palm is facing upward and tug on the string to have the yoyo come back to you.

The basic motion is: out, over, and back.

And that’s how you throw the forward pass! It’s a relatively simple trick, which we take you step by step through in this video. This will help you later on with some other looping style tricks.

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